A professional consultation arms you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Each situation is unique. Our goal is to ask questions to truly understand your needs and make the best possible recommendations.

Written Appraisals

Many people wonder if they need a written appraisal. You would need this type of detailed document

  • if you donate something worth more than $5,000 and wish to write it off on your taxes
  • if you are dealing with a high value taxable estate, or
  • if you own valuable personal property and need to have it insured

Fine Art Brokering Services

We strategically place your valuable in the best specialty auction. We work with auction houses around the world and will pinpoint the best possible market. We use a simple one page contract and walk you through the process and associated costs.

  • You earn more when your valuable is marketed directly to collectors. The Twin Cities is often not the best market for valuable items.
  • Your valuable is showcased online so that a large group of bidders can consider it.
  • You earn more when your valuable is marketed directly to collectors in a professionally catalogued auction.