Shannon Law was referred to me by my attorney. I was the executor of an estate of a friend of mine, and not very knowledgeable or experienced in the matters of appraising personal effects and items within an estate.
I endorse Shannon wholeheartedly and without reservation. She is exceedingly meticulous, comprehensive, professional, and knowledgeable. In the first place, she provided the estate with a remarkably thorough document that accounted for all of the art and personal effects of the estate. Beyond that, she was herself a referral source for 2 expert, estate-related professionals that I would have had no knowledge of how to find; a textile conservator, and a shipper of fragile items.
Shannon was an invaluable resource for me and the estate. I recommend her with unequivocal enthusiasm.
Chris Holman

Shannon was referred to us by a respected CPA firm when we needed assistance related to a move.   In the process of downsizing our home, we were looking for help with an appraisal of items for our charitable donation.  Our items were divided and donated at two different stages of the move.  Shannon is professional, super organized, and she provided us all necessary paperwork and reports.  She also quickly responded to our many questions.  We would definitely recommend Shannon!
Deb and Richard Best

My family and I had been dealing with our aunt’s belongings for almost a year. She was a big collector. A friend of mine recommended Shannon. She came over and helped us determine what to sell, what to donate and gave us peace of mind that we were not getting rid of anything valuable.
Ed Michaels

Personal Property Solutions helped us wade through a packed house and determine what was valuable. We would definitely recommend them!
Susan Miller

Their appraisal was detailed and professional and allowed my siblings and I to fairly divide my mother’s art collection and satisfy our accountant.
Sam Goodman

Shannon was great to work with and we were very relieved to get insurance on some valuables we have up North.
Jim and Sandy Peters